This website is part of the www.splatontheweb.org site which is a Christian schools charity based in the Northwest of England.

Andy Gray

A picture of the author and Illustrator, Andy Gray

The trustees (that is, adults who like to be busy being in charge of things rather than doing exciting things like playing football) asked the person who worked for them (Andy Gray…the current writer) to build a website that would help children and young people to answer the questions they get in their homework about the Christian faith.

Which isn’t easy!

So he set to work…

Andy Gray is training to be what he calls a weird shaped vicar.  People who know him say he could never be a normal one!

He’s also slightly mad, into cycling, running, illustration (he’s done the pictures on the website, and has illustrated many books, magazines and for the web), writing music, and telling people just how fantastic Jesus is. ¬†He’s been a full time youth and children’s worker for nearly 20 years.

So yes, he’s quite old!